"表紙,Cover","砂防堤,Sabo breakwater","足尾製錬所,Ashio smelter","通洞坑を俯瞰,Looking down Tsudoko","本山に最初につくった製錬所(明治17年以前に小野崎一徳撮影),A smelter made first in Honzan (Mr.Ittoku Onozaki shot before Meiji17.) ","田中正造(雲竜寺の写真),Mr.Shozo Tanaka (In Unryuji)","足尾小学校の神子内分校(明治8年〜昭和59年),Mikouchi branch school","神子内地区,Mikouchi district","中才沈殿池,Nakasai sedimentation basin","本山本口坑(明治16〜20年小野崎一徳撮影),Honzan honkuchikou (Mr.Ittoku Onozaki shot in Meiji 16 to 20.) ","足尾銅山製錬所の内部(明治中期小野崎一徳撮影),Inside of the Ashio Copper Mine","本山坑の坑夫,Diggers of Honzan pit","通洞社宅内の子供達,Children in Tsudo company housing","本山社宅,Honzan company housing","神子内地区,Mikouchi district","本山社宅,Honzan company housing","足尾小学校の神子内分校(明治8年〜昭和59年),Mikouchi branch school","花壇の花,Flowers in a flower bed","手前が砂畑社宅と上部左が通洞動力所、上部右が新梨子油力発電所,This side is Sunahata company housing, upper left is Tsudo power station and upper right is Shinnashi oil power plant","共同水場,Common water field","手前は製錬所、左上は本山、右上は京子内社宅(小野崎一徳撮影),This side is a smelter, upper left is Honzan and upper right is Kyokonai company housing (Mr.Ittoku Onozaki shot.)","中学生(通洞),Junior high school student ( in Tsudo )","花壇の枯れたひまわり,Sunflowers withered in a flower bed","共同水場,Common water field","本山社宅,Honzan company housing","製錬所上部から俯瞰、対岸は赤倉地区(明治20年以前小野崎一徳撮影),Looking down a smelter from the upper part and the opposite shore is Akakura district (Mr.Ittoku Onozaki shot before Meiji20.)","新梨子油力発電所内,Inside Shinnashi oil power plant","足尾高校運動会で生徒の保護者,A parent at Ashio high school field day","民家の花壇,A flower bed of a private house","通洞選鉱所で働く婦人,A woman working at Tsudo dressing plant","中学生,A Junior high school student","通洞商店街のウインドウ,Window: Tsudo shopping district","通洞組合事務所内,Interior: Tsudo union office","民家の子供,Child at home","通洞商店街の八百屋の店先,Storefront: Greengrocer in downtown Tsudo ","社宅内子供,Child in company housing","社宅内花壇(コスモスと枯れたひまわり),A flower bed in company housing (cosmos flowers and sunflower withering","本山神社側から本山(有木)坑俯瞰,Looking down Honzankou (Ariki) from Honzan shrine ","足尾高校運動会で生徒の家族,Students' family at Ashio high school Field day","通洞坑夫,A Tsudo miner","婦人,A woman","幹部職員の住む掛水社宅,Kakemizu company housing where executive staff lived","足尾病院近くの八百屋前,Store front of a greengrocer near Ashio hospital","通洞駅で記念写真を撮る,Taking a commemorative photo at Tsudo station","龍蔵寺並びの墓,Row of graves in Ryuzo temple","下の平住宅に住む元坑口労働者婦人,A former wellhead female workerliving in Shimonohira housing","愛宕下社宅と製錬所,Atagoshita company housing and a smelter","愛宕下社宅と上部は高原木堆積場,Atagoshita company housing; the upper part is Koubaragi logging site","堆積場,Deposition site","砂畑社宅,Sunahata company housing","下の平住宅に住む元坑口労働者婦人,Former wellhead female worker living in Shimonodaira housing ","社宅内小学生,An elementary school student in company housing","宝増寺の境内でギターを弾く少年,A boy playing the guitar in the precinct of Houzo temple","龍蔵寺の墓 (製錬場に向き合い立つ),A grave in Ryuzo temple ( It stands facing the smelter.)","通洞坑口で働く婦人,A woman working at Tsudoko","製錬所内のカラミ(銅製錬の残渣),Karami in the smelter ( Residue of copper smelting )","珪肺病患者(珪肺病院内),A silicosis patient in a Silicosis lung hospital","坑夫休憩場,Minger resting place","畑作業をする婦人,A woman working on a field","珪肺病患者(珪肺病院内),A silicosis patient in a Silicosis lung hospital","堆積場,Deposition site ","足尾小学校の神子内分校(明治8年〜昭和59年),Mikouchi branch of Ashio elementary school ( from Meiji 8 to Showa 59 )","足尾製錬所(4本の煙突建設は大正4年、大正期小野崎一徳撮影),Ashio smelter ( Four smoke research was constructed in Taisho 4.),( Mr","子供をおんぶする婦人,A woman giving a child a piggy back","龍蔵寺の墓、上部製錬所と製錬所から出る煙,A grave in Ryuzo temple, a smelter and smoke emitting from the smelter ","製錬所内のカラミ(銅製錬の残渣)排出口,A vent of Karami in a smelter ( Karami is residue of copper smelting.)","社宅内共同水場で洗濯する小女,A girl doing laundry at a common water field in the company housing","足尾銅山全景版画,A panoramic print of the Ashio Copper Mine","本山動力所,Honzan work place","通洞社宅内子供達,Children in Tsudo company housing","製錬所,A smelter","あとがき,Afterword"